A Day in the Life of a Choice Heating Employee: Behind the Scenes of Your Local HVAC Service Company

Stepping into the shoes of a Choice Heating employee starts early. Your alarm clock rings at 5:30 am, providing you with enough time to get ready, have a hearty breakfast and head out before dawn. All set for the day, you walk to your company-provided van, where a list of appointments and work orders await your attention.

The Morning Routine

Your day typically starts by attending emergency HVAC service calls. While our services include a vast array of HVAC applications, your goal is to ensure the client’s comfort is restored before you leave the job site. After attending to the immediate calls for the day, you move on to your routine checks and scheduled service visits.

In the hustle and bustle of your morning, you’ll find yourself servicing different HVAC systems, including heat pumps, boilers, cooling systems, refrigeration units and more. Regardless of how complicated a system might be, with a toolbox in hand, you take it as a challenge waiting to be conquered.

Post-Lunch Appointments

After a quick lunch on the road, your day continues with multiple installations or routine maintenance tasks. While some tasks can be completed individually, others may require team effort. Regardless of the task at hand, providing top quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of what you do.

Between each appointment, you spend time interacting with clients, helping them understand their systems better and offering energy-saving recommendations to ensure they are getting the most out of their HVAC units. You find fulfillment in being able to help homeowners maintain a comfortable indoor environment while also saving them money in the long run.

The Wrap Up

As the sun begins to set, your day officially ends by submitting your daily report, highlighting the jobs you have completed throughout the day, parts used, and client remarks.

Being an employee at Choice Heating doesn’t just mean fixing problems. It means bringing comfort to homes, ensuring businesses can operate smoothly, and making a tangible difference in our local community every single day. Though challenging, the job is equally rewarding, making you look forward to the break of dawn for another fulfilling day at Choice Heating.

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