A Fun-filled Guide Near Katham Industries in New Jersey

At Katham Industries we understand that life is not just about work. For those who have just moved to the area for Heating Service in Leonia, NJ or for anyone who is simply looking for fun things to do after their Furnace Service in River Edge, NJ, here is our guide to exciting activities in the neighborhood.

Exploring River Edge, NJ

River Edge is a vibrant city, blessed with an intriguing history and breathtaking natural beauty. A not-to-miss place to visit in River Edge is the Historic New Bridge Landing. It’s a vital Revolutionary War site and provides an engaging learning experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to delve into the past while enjoying a picturesque setting.

Weekends could also be spent at one of the several parks in town like the Veterans Memorial Park or the Riverside County Park. After a furnace replacement or heater installation, these parks provide the perfect place to relax and unwind.

What Leonia, NJ Offers

If you’re based in Leonia, right after getting your Furnace Repair completed, why not visit the Overpeck County Park? This park stretches over 800 acres and offers several recreational activities including walking trails, an equestrian center, a golf course, and even a sports complex.

Cyclists and art lovers can enjoy the peace and artistic inspiration at the Flat Rock Brook. This 150-acre nature reserve hosts various trails and affords a stunning view of wildlife. After a day of heating repair work, it is the perfect place to get lost in nature.

Bergenfield’s NJ Best Attractions

In Bergenfield, the Cooper’s Pond is a must-visit. The 18-acre park offers fishing, hiking, and a beautiful serenity garden. After a week of heating service, what could be better than a weekend of fishing at the pond?

Remember, all work and no play never bode well. So, take advantage of what New Jersey has to offer. Our team at Katham Industries not only provides best-in-class services like Furnace Service in River Edge, NJ & Bergenfield, NJ and Heater Installation in Englewood, NJ but also cares about your well-being.

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