A Day in the Life at Thorsen’s-Norquist: More Than Just Plumbing

Have you ever wondered about the daily life of a Thorsen’s-Norquist employee? As one of the leading providers of Rooter Services, Heat & Air products and services, we take you behind the scenes. Get an inside look at the interesting and intricate world of HVAC professionals, plumbers, and rooter specialists.

Starting with the Morning Briefing

Our day begins with a team meeting led by our project manager. This is where we delegate tasks and strategize on each assignment, ensuring every team member knows what to do. Whether it’s an HVAC Air Conditioning challenge, a Heating repair, or a Rooter service appointment, we are ready for the task at hand.

After understanding our daily responsibilities, all hands are on deck as we load our trucks with necessary tools and equipment. We prioritize efficiency and aim to fix any issue in our first visit, ensuring customer satisfaction and convenience.

The Intricacies of Our Work

As our workday fully swings into action, we find ourselves involved in a variety of tasks. For one, our HVAC professionals might have a busy day troubleshooting issues with air conditioning units. Addressing common problems like refrigerant leaks or sensor problems, we ensure our customers stay cool and comfortable, particularly during those hot summer months.

Our plumbers, on the other hand, handle everything from leaky faucets to major pipe damages. We guarantee speedy, high-quality work to prevent further damage and inconvenience. Meanwhile, our rooter specialists are the go-to guys for unclogging drains or sewer lines to save our clients from potential messes and plumbing nightmares.

End of the Day Routine

By the end of the day, we return to our headquarters where we replenish our toolkits for the next day and give a brief overview of the day’s work. This exchange of information helps us learn from each other’s experiences on the job and develop better strategies for future tasks.

Working at Thorsen’s-Norquist is fulfilling and enriching, providing us an opportunity to help our clients maintain comfortable and functional homes. Yes, we fix pipes and HVAC systems, but more importantly, we build trust and relationships. Every day is a rewarding experience as we continue to provide professional, reliable, and top-grade Rooter Service, Heat, and Air services.

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