Explore the Heart of Illinois with Alan Energy Services

The areas surrounding Alan Energy Services are as vibrant and diverse as they come, brimming with life and the heart of the midwest. Nestled in a locale steeped with history and vibrant communities, our branches across Elmhurst, Addison, Villa Park, Lombard, Westchester, and Oak Brook, are strong pillars within their communities.

We begin in the quaint town of Elmhurst, where our Heating Repair branch is an integral part of the community. The Elmhurst’s residents know they can trust us to keep them warm through those bitter Illinois winters.

Adjacent to Elmhurst, we provide heating services in the charming Villa Park. We pride ourselves in making sure the homes in this historically rich village are not just heated, but are equipped with systems that are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too. Additionally, we extend these same services to the neighboring Lombard, home to the beautiful Lilacia Park.

Just a stone’s throw away, our AC Repair branch in Westchester is ever-ready to offer cool comfort to the residents during the sweltering summer months. Our skilled professionals work tirelessly to ensure optimal temperatures, day in and out.

Lastly, our HVAC Service and Furnace Installation team in Oak Brook are determined to ensure a harmonious blend of comfort and efficiency in every household, regardless of the fluctuating Midwestern weather. We believe that our work does not merely end with installation. True comfort is ensuring that our products run seamlessly time and time again.

No matter where you are in or around these bustling communities – Elmhurst, Addison, Villa Park, Lombard, Westchester, or Oak Brook – you can always trust Alan Energy Services for a pleasant indoors experience, amidst the changing climates of our beloved Illinois.

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