Journey Into the Heartland: Your HVAC Specialists in Greater Lansing and Beyond

Welcome to our beautiful community, where the heart of Midwestern hospitality pumps strong beneath the hustle and bustle of every commercial and residential corner. Nestled between the vibrant cityscapes of Lansing, IL, and the rippling waters of Cedar Lake, IN is where you’ll find us – your reliable Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Serving our Communities with Warmth

There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing when winter blows her icy breath over Schererville, IN, our efficient heating service keeps homes glowing with cozy warmth. Our team’s expertise in heating installation is unmatched, allowing our neighbors to combat the frigid temperatures with faith in their HVAC systems.

The charm of Hobart, IN, is never overshadowed by the cold. Every fireplace in town can attest to the quality of our heating services. The installation of a robust heating system not only champions over the chilly winter evenings but also adds value to your property.

Your Cooling Maestros in Action

As the seasons turn and Dyer, IN, basks under the radiant sunshine, the flip of a switch brings the cool relief of A/C. Our HVAC repair services ensure your summer days are spent in perfect comfort. Persistent maintenance and installation of air conditioning units by our skilled technicians offer an escape from blazing afternoons and sweaty discomfort.

In Crown Point, IN, every sigh of relief in a cool building is an unsung melody of appreciation for our HVAC installation and A/C maintenance work. We strive to repair with accuracy, install with precision, and service with a dedication that equates to the beat of our community’s heart – steady, reliable, and always there.


Through sleet and sunshine, our mission persists. At Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re not just servicing HVAC units; we’re providing comfort, improving lifestyles, and fostering the warmth that makes our part of the world so special.

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